Haus of Mono is a UK music led lifestyle brand single-handedly run by me, Alex - a creative/ photographer / roadie to my kid, Dexter (& a baby brother soon to be added to the roster).

Haus of Mono was born out of frustration when my son Dexter was first born and I wanted to buy things that didn’t exist or weren’t high street accessible.

Whether i'm designing products for Haus of Mono, making a gift for someone or behind the lens: I constantly endeavour to create for the better.  I believe in giving out positive energy into the world, and I strive for this to resonate through my creations of any medium.


"Haus of Mono is dedicated to empowering all of the people. With catchy slogans like Powerhouse, Take No Shit, Slay Mama and Kill The Doubt, you are bound to find a little something for you in our selection of prints and accessories to get you ready to take on the world." - Paula Clark, VA/  The Social Renegade / Punky Moms Dot Com.